KCBI is Launching a New Radio Station in Waco-Temple!

For nearly 50 years, KCBI has been a beacon of faith and hope in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, sharing the love of Jesus through uplifting music and insightful Bible teachings. But our mission doesn’t stop there! Inspired by Acts 1:8, we’re thrilled to announce a major expansion: launching a new radio station serving the Waco-Temple region of Central Texas!

Why Waco-Temple?

We believe in reaching our neighbors, and this vibrant community is the next logical step. By blending uplifting Christian music with impactful Bible teachings, we’ll touch the lives of over 550,000 more people with the same gospel message that’s transformed so many lives in DFW.

Just imagine the families strengthened, hearts uplifted, and communities united by the power of faith. This is the gospel-centered impact we hope to make in Central Texas, and we need your help to make it a reality!

Launching this station requires $1.6 million and we hope to be on the air in 2024! Your year-end gift will be an investment in hope and love, bringing the message of Jesus to new ears and homes.

Every gift, big or small, brings us closer to sharing the gospel in Waco-Temple over the airwaves. Would you make an impact in this region today for the sake of the gospel?

Give a gift today using the secure form below. Together, let’s make a difference in Central Texas! Join us in sharing hope and faith, one community at a time.

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