Time Is Running Out: Help KCBI Continue Spreading Hope!

KCBI has been a beacon of God’s hope, love, and guidance, a constant source of encouragement and joy for so many. But we’re facing a significant funding challenge this spring.

To continue spreading hope through our regular broadcasts, expanding our reach with a new radio station, and maintaining our initiatives, like our incredibly promising prison radio ministry, we need more listeners to step forward before it’s too late. Whether you can give $5 or $5000, your donation will be put to work immediately to spread the love of Jesus.

Imagine your day without the uplifting music and insightful scripture on KCBI. We connect you to the truth of God’s Word at just the right time in just the right place.

We only have a few short days until April 30th to make sure that we can continue serving as your beacon of light every day. We believe in the power of our mission – and we firmly believe in the transformative difference YOU can make!

We urgently need your support, and the clock is ticking. Your generous gift today will ensure that hope continues to be spread through every song, every encouraging word, every broadcast – it all hinges on these pivotal moments!

Your donation could mean the difference between silence and a song of hope for someone in need. Please give a gift today using the secure form below.

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