We are on a mission – a mission to spread the hope, joy, and the transformative Word of Jesus Christ across North Texas and beyond.

90.9 KCBI is not just a radio station. We’re a community, sharing uplifting music, insightful scripture, and God’s unwavering love in a time when it is desperately needed in our world.

We want to be a beacon of God’s hope, love, and guidance in times of crisis or celebration, darkness or light. This is not a mission we can fulfill alone. We need your help this spring for some ambitious goals the Lord has given to us as a ministry: 

  • Continue to meet people where they are with the message of the gospel: Did you know that any moment in the car can be a meeting place with Jesus? Or that any worship song can be a special gift from God? That’s what we aim to provide our 300,000 listeners week after week – the continued teaching, worship music, and encouragement through our regular on-air and online broadcasts. 
  • Expand our reach with the love of Jesus: This spring, we must raise the funding needed for our expansion capital campaign, namely for the Waco/Temple region – an incredible opportunity to reach an additional 550,000 souls with Christ’s message of hope and love through a brand new radio station in Central Texas. 
  • Ambitiously serve those in desperate need of hope: We don’t want to stop at just extending our radio reach. Our mission is to meet people where they are with the gospel. This includes our initiative to establish additional inmate-run radio stations beyond the two that were launched last year, inside Texas prisons for those hard-to-reach hearts. With your help, we can continue to expand our prison radio ministry, providing a source of comfort, encouragement, and spiritual guidance for those who need it most.

To get all this done, we need to raise at least $400,000 more than our normal budget for these ambitious plans and steps of obedience. Our goals may be vast but we stand firm in our belief that with your support, we can make a large-scale impact. As it says in Matthew 17:20, ‘…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.’

We are embarking on this mission because we believe that all people should have the opportunity to encounter the love of Jesus Christ during this critical time. So, we humbly ask: will you be one of those courageous partners who will step in to ensure the continuation of KCBI’s impactful mission? 

Your generous gift today will ensure that hope continues to be spread through every song, every conversation, every teaching. Would you step forward today by generously giving a gift and allow our mission to continue?

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