Help KCBI Continue Shining God’s Light 365 Days A Year!

KCBI is dedicated to offering hope and God’s love to our community, especially during times of uncertainty or through life’s overwhelming moments that come our way. 

This need — to point people to Jesus — never stops.

Through uplifting music, insightful Bible teachings, and a Christ-centered perspective, KCBI aims to be a beacon of faith and encouragement 365 days a year on-air and online.

If you believe in the power of God to change lives and the opportunity we have as believers to share the light of Jesus with the world, we invite you to participate with us in this important work too.  

A monthly donation during our KCBI Spring Fundraiser plays a vital role in our ministry:

  • Provide Hope and Encouragement: Your monthly support ensures KCBI can deliver uplifting messages and music that offer comfort and strength to those facing challenges.
  • Strengthen the Body of Christ: Your monthly support allows KCBI to continue offering biblical teachings, faith-based discussions, and inspiring music that strengthens the local Christian community.
  • Share the Gospel with All: Your monthly support empowers KCBI to reach those incarcerated across Texas through our prison radio stations, sharing the message of God’s love and redemption.
  • Spread the Word: Your monthly support enables KCBI to spread biblical truth to thousands in a hostile culture.
  • Keep KCBI On-Air: Your support is essential for keeping KCBI’s programming available 24/7, both on-air and online 365 days a year. 

Your monthly gift is vital to so many areas of ministry the Lord is using to reach hearts with hope, love, and the truth. Your ongoing support will allow KCBI’s ministry to flourish and continue to impact countless lives throughout the year in North Texas and far beyond. 

Give a monthly gift of hope today using the secure form below. Together, let’s share the light of Christ and spread God’s love throughout our community!

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