Help KCBI Proclaim Freedom for the Captives and Release Prisoners from Lasting Darkness

Isolation and lack of community are growing problems in this world. Just imagine how it’s affecting prisoners in high security prisons! Many are on death row, alone and facing their last opportunities to know Jesus.

The team at KCBI has been given a unique ministry opportunity to encourage and speak truth into the lives of prisoners across the state of Texas, many of whom are serving their sentences here but are from across the country. 

KCBI has a goal of launching four total prison radio stations throughout Texas, touching lives where the message of grace is critical. Right now, 1 station is completed and 2 more are already in progress! The impact of this ministry is already evident because prisoners from across the country are: 

  • Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and are transformed because of their new relationship with Him.
  • Learning how to cope with difficult life circumstances and leaning into their faith for the first time 
  • Living out their faith while in prison and in life beyond their sentences 

We need your help to continue this impactful ministry that touches so many lives and sees such dramatic stories of faith and life transformations in Jesus Christ. 

If you believe in the power of God to change lives and the opportunity we have as believers to share the light of Jesus with the world, we invite you to participate with us in this important work. 

Partner with us in this ministry by giving a gift to KCBI today! 

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