Inspire Others to Join You in Sharing the Hope of Christ

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that people desperately need the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ. Our mission at KCBI is sharing that hope, through powerful music, lyrics, and conversation. This message of hope reached people in times of uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion—and it continues to reach people as things continue to change in this crazy world.

Thanks to generous supporters of KCBI, we are able to spread the love and life-giving message of Jesus over the airwaves every day, all day by: 

  • Building up believers in their faith.
  • Helping the lost find Christ and experience His transforming power.
  • Encouraging those that are downhearted. 
  • Giving prisoners hope.
  • Impacting our community and beyond with the truth of the Bible.

To continue this crucial work, we’re asking those who have given in the past to be leaders and examples for those who have not yet stepped up to give.

By creating a matching gift fund, our existing supporters will be able to inspire and challenge those who are considering giving for the first time. As a result, the impact of their gift will be doubled, and God will be glorified through the continued work He is accomplishing through KCBI.

Will you give today?

Your gift of $250 or more will help to transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ.

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